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Chloe Almeida

Does Skylab Work For You?

Jul 4, 2024

Optimizing your portrait editing workflow is a breeze with Skylab’s desktop app, Studio. So whether you’re into event photography, school photography, sports photography, or professional headshots, we’ve got you covered!

Event Photography

Events are dynamic, with moments that need to be captured swiftly and accurately. Studio’s AI-powered tools handle editing tasks like Color Correction and Glasses Glare, letting you focus on getting the perfect shots and delivering high-quality photos quickly and efficiently.

School Photography

In the world of school photography, efficiency and consistency are key. Studio offers features tailored for this niche, like Yearbook Proof. Our AI-powered tools handle everything from Retouching, Braces Removal and Teeth Whitening, making each student’s photo picture-perfect with minimal effort.

Sports Photography

Need fast turnarounds? Studio helps you manage bulk edits effortlessly. Features like Spill Removal and Crop+ ensure that each action shot is clean and focused, highlighting athletes in their best light.

Professional Headshots

When it comes to professional headshots, detail is everything. Studio’s suite of tools and intuitive interface make it easy to achieve studio-quality results efficiently.

Transform Your Workflow

When you’re working with large volumes of images, consistency and efficiency is key. You can choose a Profile Preset, or create your own (learn to do that here!, to apply mass edits across uploaded images. The result? Perfect edits in a fraction of the time DIY-ing it would take you, with time and money saved.

Ready to see how Skylab can transform your workflow? Contact us at to make it happen.