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Chloe Almeida

Enhanced Retouching: Your Superhero Side-Kick

Oct 25, 2023

You know how it goes. Yearbook photos have been taken and now it’s time to make the magic happen. And usually, we would say that the story would go like this… you’re spending hours spent uploading, editing, and processing a mountain of portraits, tackling the mundane editing tasks that seem to go on forever.However, dear reader, this is not your usual story.

Instead of having to face the daunting task of editing alone, you’ll have a kick-ass side-kick. Think of it this way: you’re Batman, but in the realm of high-volume portrait photography. Yearbook, sports, events - whatever type of photography it is, Batman is out there battling the forces of bad lighting, unruly hair, and rogue eye bags. But who's his loyal sidekick? It's none other than Enhanced Retouching, the Robin to his Batman!

What is Enhanced Retouching?

If you've been around the block, you're likely familiar with Skylab Studio's existing Retouching tool, which offers average capabilities. But as you know, this isn’t your average story - this is the enhanced version. Enhanced Retouching does everything Retouching does but does it tenfold better, making it the ultimate side-kick.With its optimized workflow and advanced features, it's a game changer for anyone handling extensive image editing. It transforms those endless hours of tedious editing into just a matter of minutes—all at the touch of a button! And the best part? The price remains the same. Just upload your portraits into Studio and let your trusty side-kick do the heavy lifting for you.

So what can Enhanced Retouching (Robin) do for you (Batman)? Let’s find out…

Holy Redness Removal, Batman!

Batman, the portrait photographer, can't be expected to spend hours battling the villain of redness on every subject's face. With a single click, Enhanced Retouch effortlessly removes even the most stubborn redness, leaving every subject with a flawless, naturally gorgeous complexion.

Biff! Bang! Shadows and Eye Bags Are Gone!

Even Batman deserves a break from combating those relentless eye bags and shadows created by harsh lighting. Enhanced Retouching is the sidekick that steps up, eliminating both once and for all.

Flyaway Hairs Behaved

Flyaway hairs, like the Joker's pranks, can be unpredictable and irritating to deal with. Don’t worry, your trusty side-kick will jump in, just in the nick of time, to make sure those flyaway hairs are neatly tamed within minutes.

The Portrait Dream Team

Just like Batman and Robin, you and Enhanced Retouching are the dynamic duo needed to ensure every portrait is perfectly polished. You can count on your loyal side-kick to streamline your workflow, consistently deliver fabulous edits, (did we mention it also saves you time and money?!), allowing you to focus on being your very own Batman.

Ready to team up with your side-kick? Get started HERE!