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Chloe Almeida

Crop+: Perfect Portraits Powered by AI Precision Cropping

Sep 20, 2023

Portraits are the picture-perfect representation of a person. Their beautiful smile, gorgeous features, and glowing personality captured, with that moment lasting forever. To capture the entire essence of a person within a portrait frame is already tricky and when you’re working with a variety of people - all with their own hairstyles, headpieces, and accessories - achieving consistent edits across photos has the potential to become challenging.

Crop to Crop+: The Evolution of Solutions

Photographers (especially those who work with a high volume of portraits) know this all too well. Heck, we do too! Skylab Technologies was the brainchild of seasoned yearbook photographers, so we knew that if we were facing these issues, others would be too. Backed by our unique, high-res asset datasets (AKA decades of portrait photography), we developed our Studio toolkit to find fixes for the issues that we, as photographers, encounter. Crop+ was the answer to perfectly cropped portraits, achieved by AI precision.

Now, the “Crop” tool is not something new to our Studio Toolkit. Actually, Crop+ is an enhancement to our original Crop tool. Our OG Crop tool has always provided perceptual head sizing but that sometimes left limited space at the top of images with larger headpieces or hair for example, leading to less-than-ideal results. Crop+ provides a more versatile cropping approach, keeping all hair accessories and headpieces intact and reducing variance in head sizing across images. If Studio was a football team, Crop+ would be the new, first-string quarterback and Crop would be the older, second-string - still a legend in their own right, but ready to pass on the baton to the rising star.

The result? Consistently stunning portraits, even with different and/or larger hairstyles, accessories, or headpieces in a fraction of the time traditional editing methods would take.

How Can I Use It?

And it couldn’t be easier if we tried! Open your Studio Desktop application, select Crop+ from the dropdown menu, and get started! Simply toggle on “Crop+” to include it in any custom profiles. Upload your photos and let Crop+ work its magic, you’ll have consistently fabulous portraits without having to spend hours chasing perfection manually. Despite the upgrade your workflow and photos will see from using Crop+, our price isn’t changing. Each cropped photo will only set you back 1 credit!

So, what are you waiting for? If you're ready to take your photo editing game to the next level and make your portraits shine, dive into Skylab Studio's Crop+ today. It's time to see your images in a new light, with precision like never before.

Not sure if you’re ready for commitment? Start your FREE Skylab Studio Trial and get 10 images on us!