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Chloe Almeida

Glare No More with Skylab Technology's "Glare 2.0"

Aug 21, 2023

In the world of digital photography, capturing the perfect moment is a result of the right balance of lighting, composition and timing. But even the best shots can be spoiled by an all-too-common problem: glare on glasses. We've all been there - the moment when a beautiful group photo is overshadowed by those distracting reflections on eyeglasses. Not to worry, because Skylab Technology's latest innovation, "Glare 2.0," is here to save your photo from the glasses’ glare photobomber.

Glare: The Uninvited Party Crasher

Whether you're taking a family portrait, a candid shot with friends, or a professional group photo, the presence of glare on eyeglasses can be frustrating photobomber. Not only does it detract from the overall aesthetic, but sometimes obscures the eyes of the glasses wearer too. Removing this photobomber is time consuming and can be tricky to accomplish perfectly, so we decided to do something about it.

The Power of Glare 2.0

Enter Glare 2.0 - the bigger, better and stronger update to our beta version of glasses’ glare removal tool. Our OG glare removal feature was only able to transform images with a single case of the glare. Great starting point, but we knew we needed more.

So, our dedicated team got to working hard, incorporating feedback and training data from our first version to provide a tool with more robust features and a higher success rate. At the heart of Glare 2.0 is a sophisticated algorithm that identifies and analyzes glare on glasses with remarkable precision. By doing so, Glare 2.0 ensures that only the unwanted glare is eliminated, while maintaining the authenticity of the photograph. This new and improved tech wizardry is designed to swiftly and seamlessly remove glare from eyeglasses in photos featuring multiple people faster than you can say 'I can see clearly now'!

How Glare 2.0 Works:

For those who wanted to delve deeper into our AI technology, the process is simple and efficient:

Automatic Detection: Glare 2.0 automatically identifies glasses within the photo and recognizes areas affected by glare.

Precision Analysis: The algorithm meticulously analyzes the glare and its contours, understanding the underlying reflections.

Subtle Enhancement: Through careful manipulation, Glare 2.0 removes the glare without compromising the original features of the glasses, ensuring the end result looks natural and unaltered.

Instant Results: In a matter of seconds, the glare is expertly removed, giving you a polished and glare-free photo that truly captures the essence of the moment.

How Can I Use It?

Hold onto your glasses, because you will be blown away by how easy it is to use! Open your Studio desktop application and simply select “Glare Removal” from the profile dropdown menu, no need to change anything within the profile you have already created. The best part of it all? The price hasn’t changed! For 20 credits, Glare 2.0 provides you with perfect photos, clear and glare-free.

With Glare 2.0 in your corner, get ready to say goodbye to the frustration of glare-ridden group photos and welcome a new era of visually stunning, authentic, and memorable images that truly do justice to the moments they capture. So grab your glasses, strike a pose, and let Glare 2.0 work its magic!

*Glare 2.0 is available for use now! Download the Skylab Studio desktop app here.

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