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Chloe Almeida

Top 5 Must-Have AI Editing Tools

Feb 27, 2024

Skylab Studio’s loyal users have spoken! Here are the top 5 most used features.


Say goodbye to tedious manual editing and hello to easy background removal with Skylab Studio's Extraction feature. Powered by our AI-algorithms, this tool removes any background from an image with a human subject, leaving you with a clean and polished result and making it perfect for use on sports photos, school portraits, headshots, and more. This tool has been a customer favorite since its release because it revolutionizes your workflow, cutting down the time you would spend manually editing your photos and works seamlessly with other tools. With a quick turnaround and high quality results, no wonder it's our top-selling feature!


Color correction is a must-do when you're editing portraits. This tool is all about making sure the final product really captures your vision and shows off the true colors of the scene by adjusting the white balance, exposure, saturation, hue and color balance. The best part? No more tedious manual editing, thanks to our AI-powered technology.


Designed to give you the perfect photo, Crop+ is here to revolutionize the way you accommodate hair accessories, headpieces, and more in your images. Our OG Crop tool has always provided perceptual head sizing but that sometimes left limited space at the top of images with larger headpieces. Crop+, on the other hand, uses an alternative method to achieve a balanced crop that easily accommodates larger head sizes due to hair, headpieces, and accessories.

Glare 2.0:

We started with a glare removal feature and it was so popular that we realized quickly that we needed to upgrade. Enter Glare 2.0 - the bigger, better and stronger update to our beta version of glasses’ glare removal tool. Glare 2.0 is powered by a sophisticated algorithm that identifies and analyzes glare on glasses with remarkable precision on up to five subjects, ensuring that only the unwanted glare is eliminated and maintaining the authenticity of the photograph.


This is where we really make your portraits shine like the stars they are. Retouching is about making your photos look polished and appealing, but not so much that they seem unreal. With Enhanced Retouch and Full Body Retouch, every photo is picture perfect without having to spend hours trying to DIY it.

Enhanced Retouch effortlessly smooths your skin tone for a naturally gorgeous look, erases eye bags, banishes shadows and says goodbye to fly-aways. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, Full Body Retouch targets blemishes and imperfections on shoulders, arms, midriff, and everything below the neck at machine speed. The best part? You still look like you! These features preserve the natural integrity of your subject’s skin while enhancing their unique features.

Skylab Studios offers all of this and more! You can find a full list of features, along with a pricing guide here. Plus, using Studio couldn’t be any easier. Simply download the app, upload your images, choose the edits you want to make and voila! You’ve just made a streamlined workflow your reality.