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Chloe Almeida

Our Best Selling Feature: Automated Extraction Perfection

Oct 6, 2023

It’s a tale as old as time. You’ve been staring at your computer trying to extract subjects from images for hours on end, days, maybe even weeks - who knows? Time itself melts away and you’re stuck in a world of tedious, painstaking editing. You’re waiting for a solution, searching for a light at the end of the tunnel and just when you’re about to fully lose yourself, you see it - “Skylab Studio”. Glowing at you like a beacon of hope, we’re here to set you free from the chains of manual photo editing.

The Solution for Frustration-Free Editing:

Developed by a team who was once in your shoes, our Extraction Tool is the answer to your problems (or at the very least, those stemming from a frustrating editing experience). Powered by our advanced AI-algorithm, this tool excels at removing backgrounds from images with human subjects. We’re talking greenscreen, Lastolite, white, gray, colors, outdoor, indoor … this list goes on! This incredible versatility makes it perfect for sports photos, school portraits, headshots, and more. With a quick turnaround and consistently high-quality results, it's no wonder that this tool has become our top-selling feature!

Choosing the Right Extraction Method:

Our Extraction Tool is the definition of adaptability. We know that every image has its own needs, so we crafted three different extraction options:

  1. Extraction (no spill): Ideal for standard photos on solid backgrounds, but does not address ghosting around the subject’s head
  2. Extraction with Spill Removal: Perfect for photos taken on green backgrounds and other backgrounds to eliminate green color spill on subjects. It also provides a specific fix for the pesky "ghosting" around the subject's head.
  3. Extraction with Turbo Spill: This is the option for images with severe color spill. Because this is only meant to be used in specific situations it is not intended to be the default extraction method as there are side effects that can occur, especially when it's being applied to a large job.

Each image that has its subject extracted is $0.20, no matter which extraction option you choose; the only difference between the three are the use cases. When you’re ready to transform your editing process, fire up your Skylab Studio desktop app and click “Jobs” from the left side-bar. Create a New Job by uploading your images and choosing which extraction option from the dropdown menu your images need. Then, sit back and relax while Skylab Studio does the hard work for you!

Elevate your Images with Seamless Integration:

But wait, there’s more! If you want to take your image to the next level, this tool can be used with various add-ons offered in Studio, found in the dropdown menu when creating a job. You can customize your extraction experience by using it with:

  1. Spill removal: Use this when working with green screens and most photos to avoid color spill and/or ghosting around the subject
  2. Background replacement: Upload up to 5 backgrounds of your choice to have your images extracted and placed onto
  3. PSD file output for flexibility with your files
  4. Dual file output: Have both the png of your extracted subject (with the transparent background) AND a JPG of your background replaced image

To help you get the most out of your experience, we suggest combining this feature with our Color Correction and Crop tools for a complete post-production workflow, which can be done when choosing when creating a new job. And all image metadata is maintained, making this tool easy to use with your favorite e-commerce platforms!

Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Editing Efficiency:

Our Extraction Tool isn’t a cure for all your extraction blues - it’s simply a helping hand designed to free you from tedious, manual editing. As a trained model, it is designed to excel in specific conditions. Get the best results by ensuring your image meets these requirements. Currently, this tool is trained to:

  1. Work on single subject images but, if other criteria are met, it can sometimes work on duo and small group shots.
  2. Work only on images with human subjects. If you’re using any props, ensure that they are well-lit and connected to the human subject. An athlete holding a baseball bat will work, but if a baseball bat is on the ground next to (and not touching) the subject, it will likely be removed.
  3. Remove the entire background of the image, meaning both the background AND floor will be removed. So, if your subject is sitting at a table that is entirely in the lower half of the image, they may not extract well.

And as always, we recommend that you use the highest quality images you can.

Easy Extractions, Starting Now:

In a world where manual editing can feel like a maze without an exit, our Extraction Tool is your light at the end of the tunnel. Made by people who know the struggle all too well, we’ve got you covered. And the numbers speak for themselves! This tool has been a customer favorite since its release because it revolutionizes your workflow, cutting down the time you would spend manually editing your photos and working seamlessly with other tools. So, say goodbye to background removal headaches as our AI-powered tool effortlessly handles it all, from green screens to gray walls and everything in between. Happy editing!

We want to see what you’re doing! Post your pics on socials after using Studio and tag us @skylabtechai

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