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Chloe Almeida

Skylab Studio: Going Above & Beyond With PSD, Dual File Out and Kodak DP2 Integration

Apr 19, 2024

Skylab Studio is THE all-in-one toolkit designed to streamline your portrait editing process. But when your workflow is spread across different platforms and software the question remains: “How streamlined can your workflow be?”. The answer is simple: completely.

Our team knows managing different tools and databases is tedious and time-consuming. The solution? Integrating PSD, Dual File Outputs, and Kodak DP2 seamlessly into Studio. You can effortlessly incorporate edits made in Studio into your existing workflows, eliminating the need to spend time transferring files and assets between systems and making cross-collaboration a breeze.

PSD & Dual File Output:

What it is:

Our Extraction tool allows users to export their edited portraits in Adobe Photoshop's PSD format and provides a Dual File Output option.


Layer Preservation:

PSD files save all layers from your edits, making it simple to customize and adjust your work while sharing it across platforms. This flexibility keeps your workflow adaptable for future projects.


Exporting in PSD format ensures seamless integration with your existing editing software, allowing you to maintain your workflow without compatibility concerns.

Quality Retention:

PSD files preserve high-quality image data across various compression levels, ensuring your final product is ready for sharing or printing without compromising resolution.

Money Saved:

Dual File Output gets you up to six outputs for the price of one extraction. Let us explain: if you are using background replacement you can upload up to 5 backgrounds for the original image to be outputted onto, meaning with the dual file output they get 6 outputs for the price of 1 extraction

How it works:

After completing your portrait edits in Skylab Studio, you can export the final image as a PSD file. This export includes the edited image with its layers and other information, making any future editing a breeze.

Pro-Tip: You can use any of our other tools in combination with our Extraction tools. PSD is only available when Spill Removal is not turned on but Dual File Output is still available when Spill Removal is.

Kodak DP2 Integration:

What it is:

Kodak DP2 is a professional photo editing and printing software tailored for photographers and designers who want high-quality, efficient workflow solutions. Skylab Studio's integration with Kodak DP2 lets you directly export edited images into DP2 for further editing, processing, and printing.


Effortless Workflow:

The seamless integration between Skylab Studio and Kodak DP2 allows you to transition from editing to printing quickly, eliminating manual steps and saving you time.

Advanced Printing Options:

Kodak DP2 offers a range of professional printing options and color management tools, helping you produce stunning, high-quality prints of your portraits.

Enhanced Editing Tools:

Kodak DP2 provides additional editing and retouching tools for added flexibility in perfecting your portraits.

How it works:

Simply choose the DP2 output option when creating your job and with a single click, your file is ready to be integrated into your DP2 database. This smooth transition allows you to continue editing or print the image using DP2's professional features.

The best part is that assigning your file a DP2 output won't cost you anything extra. That's right - no additional fees or hidden charges, just time and money saved.

Pro-Tip: Learn how to master the Kodak DP2 CSV Job Workflow here.

So what are you waiting for? Download Skylab Studio now and get 10 portraits on us!

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