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Chloe Almeida

AI Photo Editing Apps: Our Top Five

Feb 2, 2024

Topaz AI

Topaz Photo AI is a desktop software that uses artificial intelligence to add detail and megapixels. It performs actions like denoising, deblurring and upscaling, working especially well on images with dynamic scenes and moving subjects - making it ideal for wildlife photography. Topaz AI can even restore aged photos to their former glory.

Pixlr X

Pixlr X stands out in AI-powered photo editing because it allows users to craft transparent images and has a text-to-image AI generator. This generator is a game-changer, allowing users to easily transform text prompts into visual creations. Beyond these features, Pixlr X offers AI face swapping, collages, templates and animation tools. The software doesn't stop there; it also has atmospheric effects and over 100 filters and effects so you can make your image dreams a reality.


Skylum is the one-stop HDR photo editor for nature and architecture photography. By using their HDR software, users have the ability to unlock all the details and expanded dynamic range from a single image and elevate the quality of the photo by using said software and landscape tools. The tool Supercontrast allows you to adjust the highlights, midtones and shadows while Structure AI brings out depth and details that are both halo-free and noise-free. Plus, you have the option to merge 10 bracketed images using HDR Merge Extension.


If you’re not using Canva in 2024, you’re missing out. Canva's AI-powered photo editing tools are made to serve everyone, catering to beginners and professionals. It offers a massive library of design templates and graphics and the AI features make design creation easier and faster. Users are able to automatically design templates with the Magic Design feature, use text to create unique design elements with the Generative AI Tool and quickly remove unwanted objects from images with Magic Eraser.


Prisma AI turns your pics into colorful paintings that really pop. With over 700 styles to choose from, users can edit the background and the foreground separately (or together) to create their masterpiece. After choosing your desired artistic vision, Prisma allows you to edit your photo with basic tools. You can even frame it at the end!

Saving The Best For Last

As much as we love the above, there is nothing closer to our hearts than our very own Skylab Studio and Mems. Developed by photographers, Skylab Studio is an AI-powered portrait editing superstar; removing the need to perform tedious and painstaking manual editing while still providing professional level editing to images. Not only does it streamline your workflow, it saves you time and money and leaves you with stunning results with the click of a button. You can get to know Studio here.

Mems, developed by Skylab, is our iOS selfie editor extraordinaire. Mems makes capturing the perfect selfie easier than ever before, as it edits your picture with the click of a button to save you time and keep you present through all of life’s best mems. It even has an iMessage feature! Capturing the perfect selfie has never been this easy - you can download Mems here.

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