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Olivia Barbieri

We Have a Merch Shop!

Feb 5, 2023

Part of the fun of working at a startup is the opportunity to build the company culture from scratch. And merch is very much a part of our culture.

From the beginning, our founder, TJ, has had an eye for branding and enjoyed creating custom merch pieces for our team. One of our side goals as a company is to have such an extensive clothing line that there is no need to buy more clothes- we are not quite there but have the crewneck, hoodie, and T-shirts covered.

TJ describes his style as a combination of “sophisticated weekend” and “preppy casual” which filters into our merch creations. Coming to work is more fun when you can wear company gear that you would want to wear outside of work too- and we think we have done just that. Our style incorporates the west coast laidback-minimalism style with nods to the 90s and the styles our team grew up around.

Whenever we wear our gear, someone without fail asks, “ Where can I get one?” so we thought, why not set up a merch shop? And we did just that.

In the spring, we added a standing weekly meeting to our calendars, Merch Fridays, which quickly became the highlight of most weeks. At the end of the year, we put the time into creating a storefront and are proud to share that we are live and open for anyone who wants to be part of the Skylab crew HERE

We are still here and focused on all your photo editing needs, but we now offer gear for your workdays too.