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Kai Lytton

Star Wars

Sep 17, 2022

During a team meeting the Skylab team realized the gaps in knowledge around Star Wars and it was taken as an opportunity to educate everyone on "the way". The team set out to watch the original trilogy (episodes 4/5/6) to understand the values that Star Wars have to offer and provide a chance for the team to bond.

“With differences in age and diverse cultural backgrounds, it is so valuable to create a culture that everyone can be a part of; Star Wars helped to get us there.” - TJ.

The bonding exercise was broken up into three evenings (one for each episode). The team was able to hang out, drink some beers, and have pizza together while taking fun group photos before sitting and watching the movies.

Watching the original trilogy was an excellent opportunity for the team to learn a few things from Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and Chewy on overcoming impossible challenges together. Continuing to influence the team to trust and depend on each other through every challenge the company faces.

A special thanks to the team at Drive Marketing, who allowed us to use their space for these special team bonding events!