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Chloe Almeida

Skylab's Glare Detector: Making Photos Shine, One Glare at a Time

Aug 30, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of technology, Skylab Technology has once again proven itself as a frontrunner with the introduction of its latest groundbreaking feature: "Glare Detector." This cutting-edge addition transforms the way we capture and preserve our precious moments by effortlessly eliminating glare from photos.

The Glare Detector: Erasing Glare, Elevating Memories

We've all been there – capturing that perfect shot, only to have it marred by pesky glare. Whether it's sunlight bouncing off a window, harsh artificial lighting, or a sudden reflection, glare can transform an otherwise exceptional photo into a frustrating disappointment. Skylab Technology understands this struggle all too well. Enter "Glare Detector," an AI-powered superhero that swoops in to identify those troublemaker glares and banish them to the shadows, saving you time and restoring your photos to their natural glory.

Sorting Through the Glare Storm

With the Glare Detector feature, you can upload a batch of photos, a whole album of memories, and let the algorithm do its thing. All you need to do is open your Skylab Studio desktop app, upload your photos and select the “Glare Detector + Glare Removal” profile from the dropdown menu. It scans each photo like a detective with a magnifying glass, pinpointing those glare culprits that need to be dealt with. This tool isn’t just a glare buster - it’s a savvy solution that sorts through your photos, removing glare and only charging for the ones that get the royal glare-removal treatment.

Skylab’s got your back with Glare Detector, ensuring you only pay for the magic they work on those glares. Each image that is run through the tool and has glare detected costs 1 credit, while the glare removal itself costs 20 credits - costing 21 credits all together. It's like treating your photos to a spa day, where the glares get the boot and your memories get to shine like the stars they are.

Empowering Your Memories

It’s time to say goodbye to glare-induced frustrations and hello to a meticulously refined image collection that mirrors the beauty of the moments you've captured. Skylab's Glare Detector is your ticket to picture-perfect moments, one glare at a time.

*Download Skylab Studio and try out Glare Detector here. Available NOW! *