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TJ Rak

Our "Why"

Jul 25, 2022

At Skylab, we value our story because it reminds us of where we’ve been and are going. Our current team comprises machine learning engineers, software developers, photographers, a designer, and a few business degrees. Each with different backgrounds and paths to finding Skylab, there is a unique dynamic that, quite simply, just works.

Our roots are in school photography, with our co-founders meeting at the intersection of Alireza wondering what the delay was on his graduation photos and TJ having grown up in the school portraiture world. The common goal of wanting to streamline the post-production photo editing process and have the know-how to do so is how we got our start.

Our team is from around the world and are brilliant minds who could work anywhere, yet we are all brought together here at Skylab. A common question in the office is, “why didn’t you work for a bigger company?” The standard answer is that here, there is the opportunity for innovation and to immediately see the impact of your work.

At Skylab, we are consistently working on the cutting edge of AI and creating tools that used to just be passing thoughts such as, “It would be nice if photos could be retouched automatically.” This level of innovation and ability to take risks is one of the critical drivers of our team.

This brings us to our “why” at Skylab. We are working towards the positive abilities of AI and pushing what is possible. We want to innovate and create growth opportunities in the company and the greater scheme of what is possible with technology for the world to benefit from. Our current focus is on photo editing tools that allow volume photographers to speed up their workflow and allow them to regain some of their valuable time. We know that our product is creating space in people’s lives for more good, and that is what we want to keep chasing- building technology and tools for people to find more good in their lives.