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Chloe Almeida

New Year, New Trends: Portraits in 2024

Jan 5, 2024

We love nothing more than making your life easier - heck, Skylab Technologies is built to do that! So as we enter the new year, it’s only natural we’re here to make sure you know what photography trends to see in 2024.

Hello Real World!

2024 is the “Year of Authenticity”. It’s time to embrace the real world and those messy, authentic moments and take storytelling to the next level. This year, you can expect to see more real life photography. We’re talking out of the studio, away from stylized sets and into the real world, capturing raw moments. Often, studio shoots can look stuffy and inauthentic. Remember those family portraits with matching outfits and awkward posing? Grab your phone instead and snap a pic - we’re leaving those portrait sessions in the past.

Keeping “U” In Unique:

In the early days of social media, stylized and perfect images were all the rage and authenticity was sacrificed for likes. In 2024, we’re here for real people, real moments and real lives. We’re all about keeping the “you” in unique. Your brand, your style, your vision - we’re here for it ALL. Skylab Studio’s custom presets are the way to go if you’re looking to achieve consistently gorgeous edits that showcase your creativity (while saving time and money!).

We know that keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in the photography world can be a hard task, but we’re here for you! Skylab Studio is designed to eliminate the need to spend hours performing tedious and time-consuming edits on your portraits, so you can spend more time doing what you love - capturing all of life’s best moments. Start your year off right and let Studio do the hard work for you.