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TJ Rak

New Website Launch

Jul 27, 2022

When Skylab started in 2018, our team was deep into the tech development and R&D process. Alireza was working on the first prototype of Skyport (our original application, now replaced by our Studio desktop app). At the same time, TJ and Paul took on web designer and developer roles to make our first website. This first website was sleek, albeit dark, with black and white throughout and a neural web floating in the background. It carried our team through the last four years, and that feeling is definitely home for our team and inspired the first lines of Skylab merch and our trade show booth setup.

In Spring 2022, we reconnected with an old friend, Lena, who got to work designing a brand-new website. She worked to give Skylab the refresh it needs as we move into the next era of Skylab, allowing us to better serve you.

Our product team and Lena worked together to ensure we had a clean-bright site ready in time for our annual MVP & SPOA trade show trip in June, and they clearly delivered.

This new look and feel is only the beginning of what’s ahead for Skylab, and we can’t wait to share what’s next.