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Olivia Barbieri

Kodak DP2 Integration

Aug 10, 2023

We are pleased to share that Skylab now has support for DP2 jobs! Please see below on how to get started!

This feature requires Studio v0.1.57 released Augsut 15, 2023

Our DP2 tool can be used in two ways:

1. Using our CSV workflow for only color correction in DP2

  1. Select the “CSV Upload” tab in Studio
  2. Choose a color profile from the dropdown profile menu
  3. Select CSV job type —> “Legacy DP2 integration” or “Official DP2 Integration"
  4. Process the job as usual

2. Using all other features in DP2 NOTE: This workflow supports all Skylab features except cropping and requires extraction to be turned on in the profile

  1. Create a profile through the profile tab with extraction toggled on & the DP2 output option selected
  2. Toggle on any other features, except for crop, that you would like included in the profile
  3. Create a job as normal through the folder or file upload flow and select the profile just made with the DP2 extraction output turned on
  4. Process the job as usual
  5. Upload final images into DP2 to see edits

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at if you have any questions about using this feauture!