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Kai Lytton

Extraction Explained

Mar 7, 2023

Our extraction tool is designed to remove the background of any single-subject image, so long as a face is visible. Extraction works on traditional green screen backgrounds, as well as lastolite, masters, gray, white, nature and any other backdrop you may throw at it.

Within extraction we have a selection of sub-features available to you, at no additional cost. Our built in spill removal tools has 3 levels with the following use cases:

  • Extraction (no spill) - manages standard photos shot on solid backgrounds but does not correct for green or other color spill. Does not address ghosting around the head
  • Extraction w/ spill removal - manages photos shot both on green backgrounds and any other background to address color spill onto subjects. Specific fix for “ghosting” around the head of subjects
  • Extraction w/ Turbo Spill- for images with severe color spill. Not intended to be used as a default as there are side effects that can occur when used across a large job.

Additionally we offer background replacement and dual file output for all extraction images. This is great for jobs where every image needs to be put on the same background, such as sports jobs, and gives you the flexibility to have both the background replaced image, and the subject on a transparent background.

Our best user tip? Always use extraction w/ spill removal, regardless of the original image background to best manage spill and ghosting around the subject’s head.

How to use it? Select your preferred extraction profile from the profile dropdown menu in the Studio app, or go through the custom profile workflow (tutorial here) to customize your spill and output settings.

What’s next for extraction? Further refining turbo spill to manage severe spill in images.